Updated 1:30 PM PST, Thur June 5, 2014

College-Making Money in Non-Traditional Ways

College-Making Money in Non-Traditional Ways

College students are known for being broke. They are ramen warriors, wash plastic bags, fit 15 people into a car and pay for lunch with pennies and dimes. Though some may be very proud of that thriftfull life, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Tutoring - finally out of high school, and expected to be a professional, you can tutor all ages, even students older than you. In college, it is not necessarily age to be respected, but the education. Whether you’ve gone away to college, the need for tutors at a school is constant. With so many people relying on good grades to keep scholarships or enrollment, you’re sure to have a need for business.

Walk dogs - If you live in a suburb, apartment complex, or city, fear not. As nearly everyone commutes near colleges and universities, many (both working and students) will need a helpful, flexible person to take care of the pet friends.

Write online. There are millions of sites and services that join writers with commissioned jobs. This is especially good if you enjoy writing, are pursuing writing as a career. Freelancing can open up a huge whirlwind of possibilites.

Clean. If there’s something else college students are known for, it’s for being slobs and for many of them, they won’t be used to cleaning after themselves. It may not be the most appealing, but it is likely the most financially rewarding. If you’re at a university that has Greek organizations, you can get paid a lot of extra cash to clean up after parties.

Sell your notes online. If you have good penmanship and go to class, you can reap the benefits of other people’s laziness. You’d be surprised by the number of students who, unadjusted to college life, don’t make it to class.